Don't Risk Driving on Bald Tires

Don't Risk Driving on Bald Tires

Stop by our tire repair shop in Marcy, NY

Your search for affordable, quality tires ends here. Nimey's Automotive & Tire Center, INC is a full-service tire repair shop in Marcy, NY that sells, repairs and replaces tires.

Don't panic if you have a flat tire. You can trust us to patch it up and get you back on the road ASAP. If you need your tires retread or replaced, our mechanics have you covered. We can help you pick out new or used tires that fit your budget.

Call 315-735-5525 now to schedule speedy tire replacement or repair services. Our tire specialists can also install tires you bring with you.

3 good reasons to choose Nimey's Automotive & Tire Center

Nimey's Automotive & Tire Center provides tire repair and replacement services in Marcy, NY. You should visit our tire shop because:

1. We repair and replace all kinds of tires
2. We rotate and balance tires
3. We sell new and used tires

With over 50 years of tire replacement experience, you can trust us to help you select the perfect replacement tires and install them correctly.