Is Your Vehicle Driving Strangely?

Is Your Vehicle Driving Strangely?

Trust us to run engine light diagnostics on your automobile in Marcy, NY

Is your check engine light on? Have you been noticing electrical issues with your vehicle? We can help. Nimey's Automotive & Tire Center, INC offers auto repair service in Marcy, NY. You can rely on us to run a variety of diagnostic tests on your automobile to find out why it isn't driving properly.

When you bring your vehicle by our auto repair shop, our mechanics will link a computer system to your vehicle to identify flaws with your exhaust, transmission, oil tank and engine. If we find an issue, we'll tell you about the problem and repair it as quickly as possible.

Check out the benefits of an engine diagnostic test

Trust Nimey's Automotive & Tire Center to run engine light diagnostics on your vehicle in Marcy, NY. Engine light diagnostics can:

  • Catch minor problems before they turn into major issues
  • Make it easier for technicians to complete the correct repairs
  • Help maximize your engine's power
  • Check your vehicle's computer for manufacturer notifications

Reach out to us right away to arrange for expert diagnostic testing and auto repair service.