Stay Safe With New Brakes

Stay Safe With New Brakes

Get professional auto brake repair services in Marcy, NY

Driving around with faulty brakes puts you and other drivers in danger. It's difficult to avoid vehicle accidents when you can't stop at a moment's notice. You should consider replacing your brakes if:

  • They screech or grind when you brake
  • They aren't responsive
  • They cause your vehicle to pull to one side
  • They make your brake petal vibrate

Bring your vehicle by our auto break repair shop if you're noticing any of the above issues. Nimey's Automotive & Tire Center, INC provides brake pad installation and suspension repair services in Marcy, NY.

Don't let inefficient brakes ruin your tires

Make Nimey's Automotive & Tire Center your go-to auto break repair shop in Marcy, NY. Replacing brake pads and rotors:

  • Helps prevent vehicle collisions
  • Improves vehicle performance
  • Extends the lives of tires and suspension system components

Drive to our auto repair shop today for brake pad installation or suspension system repair services.